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  • Atacamita is a mining exploration project located in Precordillera of the commune of Monte Patria, 120 km SE Ovalle, Coquimbo Region in Chile and 45km East of the town of Tulahuen.

  • It was discovered by our Geology Team through a regional generative program. 

  • It is located in the metallogenic belt of giant copper porphyry of Miocene age (Los Pelambres of 10-14 Ma, 6Bt@0.52%Cu), and Eocene age (El Morro of 33Ma, 522Mt @ 0.62% Cu). 

  • Type of Deposit: Cu-Mo-Au porphyry potential, Eocene age-Oligocene.

  • Early exploration stage: geology, geochemistry and IP geophysics, DDH drilling 4,903m.

  • The project consolidates 9,900 Ha. of mining property in four zones with high potential.

  • Expedited access from the city of Ovalle and good relations with the Community.



  • Molibdenita was discovered south of Bornita project, 48 km east from Tulahuén.

  • Presents radiometric ages for various precursors intrusive events that vary from 13.9 – 13.2 Ma. These characteristics place the project in Miocene porphyry belt of Cu – Mo /Au, where some of the largest deposits in the world are located, including cluster Los Pelambres (10-14 Ma > 6 Bt @0.52% Cu, 0.011% Mo)

  • Other features of the target:

          a) Road and access available.

          b) 1,238 m drilled.



  • America was discovered doing a regional target generation program.

  • The project is located 85 km SSE from Copiapó.

  • Comprises 8.200 hectares of exploration claims.

  • Locally composed of volcanic andesite , dacite , tuff ), intruded by multiple intrusives (68 to 62 ma. U/Pb), porphyries (61,7 61,9 ma. U/Pb) and hydrothermal igneous breccias.

  • Overprinted by chlorite epidote halo, silica quartz clay sericite , tourmaline alteration.

  • Mineralization composed of jarosite goethite hematite , Ox. Cu traces. Distributed in stockwork veinlets and disseminate.

  • Hydrothermal system controlled by NW and NE fault breccias veins system.

  • A pyritic propylitic halo drilled.

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